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iBoxed into a technology corner

2007-02-06 - 11:22 p.m.

Because I don't invest in keeping my technology up to date...

I can't use the iPod shuffle with my iBook. :( My operating system is too far out of date to download the version of iTunes I need.

To upgrade the OS, I'd have to shell out way more than the cost of the shuffle itself. All for a computer that's got a technical glitch that will probably mean the end of this machine sometime this year.

Plus, that would mean investing too much money to upgrade the OS right before the latest one's about to become obsolete. Leopard's due out this spring. There's no point in shelling out for Panther or Tiger now.

So now I just have to continue to hope that the iBook soldiers on until Leopard's out.

Postponing the iJoy.


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