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eager for some spring fever

2007-02-20 - 12:16 p.m.

Perhaps we're a little over eager about spring coming, but meekay and I have been busily planning square foot gardens for his house and mine. Friday night we built a fabulous little spreadsheet that plots out exactly what's going in the ground, where and when as well as when it's due to be harvested. We picked up the lumber and makings for our garden boxes over the weekend. Meekay's is built and ready to paint when we get a nice day. Mine will be stained then, but can't be assembled until we're ready to put it out into my backyard. This year I'm skipping my CSA membership and putting those funds into the gardens. Hopefully that will do us well enough in having lots of fresh goodies to eat through the season.

We also managed to research and book up logistics for our trip to Florida in March to see the shuttle launch. Woohoo! This time it'd better go up while we're in town! :) Plans are still TBD for vacation in Germany after my meeting in April. The meeting was originally going to be in Germany, but now will be in Switzerland instead, so it might be good to start there. Still have some research to do and we're still trying to track down the next set of Pimsleur German lessons.

Other than that, we did lots of relaxing over the weekend. We got a Namco anniversary collection of a bunch of the old arcade games like Pacman, Galaga, Galaxian, Pole Position and such. We're putting that gorgeous high-def TV to great use with pixelated graphics. heh. Also hit a Lunar New Year banquet Saturday night with a 12-course dinner. Holy moley the food was good and it was a nice change of pace.

Super-busy week at work including getting ready to move our offices to a temporary space while they refurbish our building. Currently we're in cardboard city but when we move back in September, I'm finally getting an office instead of a cube. Quite the's hard working on so much confidential stuff in such a public area.


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